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Skinny Dip Society Challenge

A very good friend of mine named Selena recently told me she’s on a cleanse. Anytime someone tells me they’re on a cleanse I immediately harp on them for details because in my humble opinion, most cleanses are BS. Not necessarily because they’re bad for you (but YES, some of them are) but because they’re almost impossible to stick with, it’s like you’re being set up to fail. I’m more into the philosophy of ALWAYS eating a clean and healthy diet and when you crave something bad for you, eat it – IN MODERATION.

But after hearing Selena out I was intrigued. Selena wasn’t starving herself. She wasn’t on a juice diet, and she was eating full, square meals, plus snacks! <<< who doesn't like a good snack? Selena introduced me to Skinny Dip Society. SDS is run by Katie Den Ouden, a health coach (she prefers to call herself health HOST) who she’s doing the cleanse through. SDS has a 21-Day Challenge that I signed up for (best part, it’s free!). This challenge is about feeding both your stomach AND your soul. She gives you a daily challenge that uncovers what your body and your soul is missing. Her mission is to help women find happiness and joy within themselves and once you’re “there,” the weight will naturally come off. This of course is only possible with eating the right foods and nourishing your body with the nutrients it needs, which she teaches too.

Overall it’s a mind and body challenge that intrigues me because I will be the first to admit that I do analyze what I eat and I go in spurts of counting calories. I dig what she’s burying here – filling your stomach and your soul with yummy goodness! Check it out here for yourself and see what she’s all about. I did and I certainly have no regrets.

Today marks Day 5 in the challenge, and the first day I posted it to social media – ‘grammed it up! Today’s challenge was “Eat Something Green” – which is never a challenge for me, but enjoyable nonetheless! Pictured is my breakfast this morning. Scrambled eggs with spinach, jalapeno, zucchini, bell pepper, onion and garlic, with celery sticks and half a PINK grapefruit! YUMMY!

SDS challenge day 5