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DIY Mini Concrete Succulent Planters


When it comes to having live plants in your home, succulents are where it’s at. I guess you could say I’m a sucker for succulents these days! 2014 has been a stressful year for me so I’ve been doing anything and everything to bring calm and balance to my crazy-ass world. Plants, particularly succulents in my case have brought a certain “feng shui” that I needed to my home. Call me hippy-dippy but the vibrant energy of succulents has had a positive effect on me and makes my living space feel lively and happy.

Succulents thrive in dry climates and sunshine. HELLO, dry-over-300-days-of-sunshine-state better known as Colorado – we’ve got it made!

And caring for these cuties is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy. Check it:

1. Water them once a week.
2. Keep them near a window or glass door to get ample sunlight.

Boom. Done. Are you convinced yet?

Now that I’m a grownup and bring living plants into my house, I was inclined to have these plants live in cute, visually pleasing pots. None of that cheap plastic Home Depot bullshit that they come in. But who wants to spend $20+ on a planter? Not this girl! Instead, I make super shabby chic concrete planter bowls.


+ Quikrete 5000
+ Water
+ Painter’s Bucket from Home Depot or similar multi-use container – so cheap!
+ Small/skinny garden shovel/spoon to mix concrete
+ Small plastic containers/Tupperware/Molds (I got mine from the dollar store)
+ Oranges (like the fruit)
+ Non-stick cooking spray like Pam or WD-40 (this item is crucial!)
+ Toothpick
+ Succulents of choice (mini ones can be found at Home Depot)
+ Succulent soil (can be found at Lowe’s)

+ Spray your molds and orange with non-stick cooking spray or WD-40.
+ Mix concrete and water in bucket. The amounts/ratios will depend on how many planters you make at once and how big they are.
+ Rule of thumb: the consistency should be the consistency of natural peanut or almond butter/cookie dough. Not slushy and definitely not runny. Not too wet and not too dry.
+ Fill the mold 1/2-3/4 then gently wedge orange in deep enough to form a bowl. It may take some twisting and turning. Be patient.
+ Tap the sides of the container to pop any air pockets and use the toothpick to poke any bubbles.
+ Repeat with any additional molds.
+ Place on a flat surface out of direct sunlight.
+ Wait 24 hours before getting your paws on ’em. 24 hours. Got it?
+ Carefully remove the concrete project from the molds.

Wasn’t that easy? You’ve now got yourself the cutest planter bowls in the history of ever.