Weekly Goodies {& an easy weight loss tip!}


Weekends are for shopping. Every Sunday I venture out to Costco and Sprouts to get food for the week. While I’m very good at making lists and meal planning, it never fails that I make a couple of impulse purchases (so sue me). I’m not talking gum or breath mints (although I have made those purchases a handful of times), today I’m talking good quality snacks that when eaten in moderation, are completely guilt-free. One easy, fool-proof way I ensure I eat yummy snackies in moderation is using bowls! Sounds almost stupid it’s that simple, but it works like a charm. Use bowls that are small enough where you won’t be tempted to overfill it. Try your best to refrain from eating out of the bag, it’s too easy to lose track of how many chips or crackers or cookies you’ve consumed. I’ve lost LBs from making this simple adjustment. Yes, I know the barkTHINS are not in bowls, this was intentional for the photoshoot to show texture and detail.

barkTHINS (the Dark Chocolate Toasted Coconut Almond variety). If you haven’t had barkTHINS before, let me tell you – you’re missing out, like you need to go out and buy some immediately if not sooner. barkTHINS are snacking chocolate – made with only Fair Trade Certified, non-GMO ingredients. For any chocolate lovers out there, this will be your go-to sweet snack. I’ve had the Dark Chocolate Pumpkin Seed with Sea Salt and the Dark Chocolate Pretzel with Sea Salt. Both equally delicious, but the coconut variety is the tops. Thin, dark chocolate bark with little chunks of coconut and almond and a hint of sea salt… mmmmmmm. What I like about barkTHINS as opposed to traditional chocolate bark is that they are thin and easily breakable so you can portion out your snack without any hassle. These are also very reasonably priced. The price for a 16 oz. bag at Costco ranges from $8-$10. Think about how much one chocolate bar can cost at Whole Foods… just sayin.’

barkTHINS Goodie Facts
+ Fair Trade Chocolate: farmers are getting paid a fair price and invest in good agricultural practices
+ Non-GMO
+ No artificial ingredients, flavors, preservatives, or colors
+ 60-65% blend of cacao in all varieties
+ Gluten Free (all varieties except the pretzel)


Way Better Snacks Limited Edition Punkin Cranberry Corn Tortilla Chips
As I’m perusing the aisles for tomato sauce and crushed tomatoes for my zucchini lasagna, I came across these delightful little chips called Way Better Snacks. Now, this brand is not foreign to me, I have enjoyed many bags of chips from these guys. However, the flavor was foreign, because it’s a limited edition seasonal flavor. By this time I’m basically already sold but I knew I should read what the flavor was before tossing into the cart. “Oh My Sweet Punkin Cranberry” is what it’s called. Cute, right? I probably shouldn’t base my purchase decisions on the “cuteness” of the flavor name but come on, this is damn good. Totally touched the pumpkin-loving-can’t-even white girl in me. OK I’ve digressed. Back to the chips.


The ingredients in these guys are simple. My rule of thumb – the simpler, the better. And healthier.
+ Non GMO corn
+ Sunflower and/or safflower oil
+ Cranberries
+ Pumpkin
+ Organic sprouted flax seed
+ Organic sprouted quinoa
+ Raspberry
+ Pure sea salt

Sprouted ingredients allow the essential fatty acids, proteins, and minerals to come out of their little shell to work their magic on your digestive system to maintain a healthy body.

Way Better Snacks Goodie Facts
+ Gluten Free
+ Non-GMO
+ Vegan
+ Low sodium
+ No trans fats
+ No artificial colors
+ No artificial flavors


Happy snacking, ya’ll!


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