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MINT CHOCOLATE MILK, people! Can I just say this was the best idea I’ve ever had?

I drink either chocolate milk or almond milk with protein powder after every workout but I’m feeling all jolly in the holiday spirit so I spiced it up and added some peppermint extract. And let me tell you. It’s to die for – it tastes like a Girl Scout Thin Mint!

Why chocolate milk? Because you need that mix of protein and carbohydrates to repair muscles and regain energy.

Compared to plain milk, water, and most sports drinks, low-fat chocolate milk packs double the carbs and protein. The 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein is ideal for replenishing tired muscles (of course, make sure it’s actually “low-fat” without loads of extra sugar) [3]. A more recent study supported these claims, demonstrating that non-fat chocolate milk resulted in improved muscle recovery compared to a carb-only beverage [4]. Milk also packs enough water content to keep athletes hydrated post-sweat session. The final straw: additives like calcium, sodium, and sugar help the body retain water and regain energy. Not bad for a childhood favorite.

^^^ read more here.

Mint Chocolate Milk

By Lindsey
Published: December 10, 2013

    MINT CHOCOLATE MILK, people! Can I just say this was the best idea I’ve ever had?

    I drink either chocolate milk or almond milk …



    1. Combine milk, chocolate syrup, and 1-3 drops of peppermint extract. Be careful with the peppermint, you can always add more if need be.
    2. DSC_2424

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    Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Fitness!


    I don’t know about you but what better way to get fitspired than watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? I’m not saying that we should all strive to look like these lingerie loving babes because quite frankly most of you, myself included are not six feet tall with more than half of our bodies being leg. But these girls have professionals that tell them what to eat and how to exercise. Knowledge is key. Educate yourself! There’s always more to learn and it never hurts to try new things at the gym – if you’re anything like me you get comfortable in your routine, do the same old exercises and reach the inevitable plateau. Some of the exercises Vicky Secret Models are into:

    Megaformer //

    MUST. TRY. After reading Details Magazine article I’m sold. VS Model Martha Hunt practices this and describes it as a “torture machine!” Um… yes please!

    Put simply, the 10-foot-long, 250-pound Megaformer is a Pilates machine on steroids. You’re rarely ever working just one muscle group—for example, you may do biceps curls with resistance straps while doing a lunge. “It allows you to target muscles from so many different angles, which you can’t really do on just one machine[…]

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    TRX //

    I’ve dabbled with the TRX bands at 24 Hour Fitness and I love them. More often than not they’re unavailable, unfortunately. But they are a reasonable investment, ranging from $150-$250, depending on what kit you get. You can get it here. TRX stands for Total Body Resistance EXercise. It was created by a Navy Seal that consists of suspension bands. It’s a full-body workout using your body weight with unlimited varieties of workouts. This simple concept is good for anyone. It’s just a matter of learning the exercises. Lots of gyms offer classes. VS Model Alessandra Ambrosio uses the TRX… you can see a clip here.

    Ballet Bar Fitness Classes //

    I’ve done Pure Barre and I like it. It’s just a tad out of my price range, unfortunately. It’s about an hour class in which you focus on small, low-impact isometric movements, really targeting the butt, hips, and thighs. If you decide to go this route you should supplement a 30 minute to an hour cardio session as you don’t get too much from this. VS Model Erin Heatherton practices this method.

    Other exercises that the Angels practice: pilates to get long and lean, boxing for muscle tone and jumping rope for cardio! Sounds good to me!

    My goal for the holidays when I have some time off is to try at least one of these exercises. Don’t forget to watch the show with me tomorrow, December 10th at 10/9C. More details on their diet and fitness routines here.

    Classic Oatmeal No Bake Cookies


    May I preface this post with the current weather conditions? It’s 5° outside. I have been in complete hibernation mode, and I’m totally OK with it. While the boyfriend watches The Dark Knight Rises, I decide to make these cookie classics. Come to think of it, why did I decide to make no bake cookies instead of oven baked ones? I really could have used that heat in the house! Oh well, the deliciousness of these treats is well worth it. My mom made these cookies for my sissy and I growing up, so this recipe is adapted a little from her, a little from Pinterest and a little from Food Network.

    These are easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy so for you all you non-bakers out there I highly recommend it. Bring some to work or to your holiday family gatherings and you’ll be the favorite for sure! Or don’t give them away, keep them all for yourself and enjoy! 😉

    No Bake Cookies

    By Lindsey
    Published: December 8, 2013

    • Yield: 45 (45 Servings)
    • Prep: 30 mins

    May I preface this post with the current weather conditions? It’s 5° outside. I have been in complete hibernation mode, and I’m …



    1. Combine butter, sugar, milk, and cocoa in large saucepan.
      Ingredients No BakeCookies
    2. Bring to a rolling boil and let boil for 30-45 seconds. Be sure not to go over otherwise cookies will be dry!
    3. DSC_2412
    4. Add peanut butter, vanilla extract and oats and stir until well combined.
    5. Let your puppy lick the peanut butter spoon! No chocolate though!

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